Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pride of Connecticut

It's a rite of springtime, apparently. The University of Connecticut... the pride of our state... the vanguard of our achievement in higher education... erupts with drunken, semi-retarded, vomiting teenagers.

It's apparently a time to put down your books and relax by pushing a urine-soaked community room couch out the dorm window and into a bonfire. It's time to celebrate, to expose yourself, blackout for four hours and wake up testing positive for chlamydia.

It always gives me great pride to read the papers and review the arrest stories and then consider the taxpayer investment that goes into providing this opportunity to the future generation.

The Courant reports today on the weekend's proceedings where 51 students and non-students were arrested:
The arrests were made for a variety of charges including narcotics offenses,
underage possession of alcohol, forgery, criminal impersonation, interfering
with police, breach of peace, driving under the influence and weapons offenses.

That's quite an assortment of interesting charges.

Hard to imagine with this resume of debauchery UCONN still isn't the home to the Kennedy School of Government. Go Huskies!


Judy Aron said...

It would be interesting to find out how many of our municipal and state elected officials graduated from UCONN, and perhaps were past participants in the annual bacchanalia. said...

oh, man... I went to UCONN.


Headless Horseman said...

Yes... judging by how many legislators drool all over the UCONN sports teams when they do HUSKY day there, I'd say there's a good portion of them that are graduates. Or drop-outs.

Judy Aron said...

CT Taxed - You must have been one of the guys that actually studied while there. It shows too! :)

Judy Aron said...

hey headless - are there any stats that show how many legislators do not have college degrees? how many are lawyers? how many actually have a real job besides working at the legislature?

Headless Horseman said...

Poor Ct taxed! He probably had to keep his head down over spring weekend, studying while beer bottles and underpants sailed over his head.

Judy, I don't know if that info is available, and I'm not even certain where I could get it, but it's a damned good question.

Seems to me though that many of these people do have degrees, and jobs that don't require them to either do much or even show up. There are exceptions of course, and notable ones, like restaurant owners or police officers.

This mightg be something to look into and a good subject for a post down the road. Thanks for putting me on that road.

mccommas said...

OH MY GAWD! Thats THIS weekend.

And I'm missing it?

See ya!

The Real Bob Anthony said...

You know, I went to UCONN-I-STAN to learn to hate my country--AND I HATE MYSELF FOR DOING IT. I went to the Stamford Campus (not the new downtown one) and when I did go to the big house it was in the summer of 1996. There are just times when I look at my diploma and think that it was written with my own blood and that I wish I could destroy it...THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES!