Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Senate Ends Drunk Driving

The Courant reports that the State Senate has ended drunk driving!
Well, not really. They passed a bill today that prohibits having an open container of alcohol in a car. Good Lord, I didn't know it was currently legal to have an open container of alcohol in a vehicle. I guess you learn something old every day.

But the State Senate has passed this bill, and according to the Courant, the Senators, who voted for this 36-0 claim fewer people will die of alcohol -related accidents on the road.

Oh, come on.

It was already illegal for the driver of the car to be drinking, or to even be holding an open can of beer or a bottle of Jack in his lap. Now they think they are saving lives now that the passenger can't be holding hooch either?

But hold on! The bill apparently allows someone to have an open container of liquor inside a locked glove compartment or in a trunk or hatchback. Seem silly?

Well of course it's not! It gives the Senators the chance to come back next year, ban open liquor containers in glove compartments and claim to save lives all over again.


mccommas said...

I keep thinking of limos.

Now you can't give your date a limo ride with champagne in the back seat?

What do limousine liberals have against the rental limousine companies other than that they are greedy capitalists?

mccommas said...

Oh, and I will have what you are having. Pass one over.