Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hide The Flatware

I am finally willing to concede that George Bush may be stupid. He has apparently invited Representative Michael Lawlor, the Democratic Chairman of the Judiciary Committee to the White House for a bill signing on crime.

Connpolitics.tv has the news. And according to them:

It’s ironic because Lawlor, who is the longtime co-chairman of the legislature’s
Judiciary Committee, is often criticized as being ’soft on crime’ by critics
here in Connecticut.
Well, he IS soft on crime. He is one of the chief obstructors to Connecticut adopting a strong Three Strikes law to lock up repeat violent offenders for life. Asking him to come down to the White House to watch the signing of a crime bill is ironic alright... the same way it would be ironic to ask Ted Kennedy down to the signing of an anti-drunken debauchery measure.

As the article notes, the bill he is attending the signing for puts a focus on rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration, an approach Lawlor and his fellow Judiciary Chair Senator Andrew McDonald have championed at the Capitol at the expense of Three Strikes, and in the face of all evidence that there are some people who cannot be rehabilitated.

I suspect that they are willing to sacrifice a few more lives to prove their theory though.

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mccommas said...

Does he have the smile of a laywer or wat?