Sunday, April 27, 2008

Budget Moves...

Now the talk from legislative Democrats is that they may make NO adjustments to the state's already set budget for FY09, as reported by multiple sources. This is in light of budget surplus figures being... shall we say... a little more anemic than originally projected earlier this year.

Hard to believe that after you choke off the Connecticut economy for two decades that you finally start to see dwindling tax revenues under high taxes. What about all the non-profits that pay legislative Democrats their full-time salaries? I thought they were going to send them a ton of cash this year? Perhaps not. Perhaps when you tax people and business because of what you espouse as "economic justice" as opposed to taxing for needed revenue, this is the result; less of everything for everyone.

Democrats are walking a fine line here, as they always do... going against their instincts, and trying to not raise taxes while at the same time sending cash to non-profits and other special interests to whom they are beholden. The tightrope has now become thinner... what will they do?
How will two legislative leaders, each running their respective chambers and each also running for governor handle this problem and each other? How will a union shill who aspires to be the next speaker of the House approach this problem?

I have a feeling that the remaining week and a half left of the General Assembly's session may be among the most entertaining yet...


Judy Aron said...

They won't raise's an election year.

Headless Horseman said...

You may underestimate their arrogance. I think if they are backed in a corner, they may... but we'll see!

mccommas said...

Don't be to sure they won't raise taxes in an election year.

My town of Windham shoved a whopper tax increase down our throats last year and for them it was an election year.

The budget passed no problem and not only were the Democrats reelected but we lost our minority seats on the Board of Finance, Board of Selectmen and Board of Ed.

Clean sweep. The Dems raise taxes and the voters punish the Republicans.

Go figure.

This year which is not an election year we have a tax increase almost as big as last year's.