Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Surplus of Stupidity

Sticker shock has hit members of our legislature today. The Courant reports that budget surplus projections have taken a massive digger, and now there is a "tissue thin" $15.7 million projected surplus this year.
Now things will get interesting in Hartford. This shrivelled up surplus means all these special interest and social projects are up against the wall.

I am now recalling Rep. Peter Tercyak's (D-New Britain) brilliant remarks that he would like to plow only one lane of our highways during a blizzard and pass the savings on to the non-profits (like the one he works for, I gather). Well Mr. Tercyak, it now appears you'll only be able to run a snow shovel up the breakdown lane of the highway if you're going to pass any money along to your employer.

The total revenue picture isn't clear yet. I gather the folks at DRS are still opening envelopes of checks from tax returns. But at the beginning of the year there were projections of a surplus of over $260 million.

First of all, no one should get too excited about having a massive surplus. A massive surplus means you and I and every business and taxpayer was charged too much money by the government to run itself. Secondly, a massive surplus will not be returned to you, it will be carved up by the liberal supermajority in Hartford and spent on expanding programs and creating new ones. They never have enough of your money and they never will.

But what is starting to happen is that liberals are now having to live with the consequences of their own misguided tax policies which have cost us population and economic resilience. The well is drying up. Or relocating. You know what that means? You and I will be expected to pay even more. Count on it.