Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Tax... in Twenty Minutes or Less

Well... the majority Democrats in the General Assembly SAID they wouldn't raise taxes this year... but that depends on what the definition of the word "raise" is.

The Finance Committee didn't get the memo. The Democratic Chair, Cameron Staples (D-New Haven) helped usher a bill through that committee that places a 6% tax on deliveries. No one, apparently, can even say how much money it generates, or what the need for it is.

This tax would apply to Federal Express and UPS deliveries, as well as grocery, newspaper, restaurant deliveries, heating fuel deliveries, furniture deliveries, flower deliveries... you get the picture. The tax will, naturally, be passed on to the consumer.

Democrats apparently want you to be able to get a tax in 20 minutes or less, along with your pizza.

Democrats apparently believe that he senior citizen who has Pea Pod deliver her groceries isn't paying her fair share. The senior citizen that has their medication delivered by mail isn't paying their fair share. When you send flowers to someone you care about, you aren't paying your fair share.

This is a fascinating proposal to tie in with the estate tax that Democrats refuse to get rid of... they tax you for being dead. Now are they taxing you forbeing delivered into the ground at the cemetery?

At long last, we can involve the Department of Revenue Services in the lasting debate of whether it's Digiorno's or Delivery.

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mccommas said...

Well I just left a semi-coherent phone message for State Rep. Staples.

I used to deliver pizza and I made a living at it for a while. I gave it up because people don't tip good enough in my area. The good nights were very few and far between.

Had people had to pay a 6 percent tax, I would have got no tips at all. I would be working for nothing. We charged 1 dollar for delivery and people bitched about that! Often that one dollar is the only tip I got.

They say they want to save the Mom and Pops but then whip a zinger like this at 'em.

I told him there is no pot of gold to be found but we all know I was wasting my time. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even make money in this state selling pizza and beer.