Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

It's that time of year again... the one holiday liberals think is okay to observe in schools. Well, aside from Ramadan and Abbie Hoffman's birthday.

Today we celebrate the evils of humanity and acknowledge as a species our deep shame over having invented plastic, and letting our poo poo get into river streams. How much better the world would be without people! Koalas and marmosets could discuss fine animal literature while on envoys of peace to dolphin civilizations.

I say we all celebrate Earth Day by not flushing a single toilet or washing a single armpit in the state of Connecticut for one day.
Of course, that's life as usual for most of Earth Day's principal celebrants.

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mccommas said...

I used to consider myself an environmentalist but the term now is associated with to much foolishness that does nothing for the environment. In that way they are similiar to the feminists.

I think the enviro-nuts hurt not only their credibility with their wild exaggerations but also ultimately their cause. I want smart government policies that protect the environment while allowing people to develop like people should. The two are not mutually exclusive but they don’t see it that way.

A local group here in Windham is upset that some tractor company wants to set up shop next to Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

And what are they upset about?

How the runoff will affect....

....... A swamp!

But it’s not a swamp, its Joshua's Trust. That sounds so much better than a swamp. Don’t it?

Of course we need swamps. I don't deny that. Where after all will our native, West-Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes breed if the swamp dried up?

But these zealots don't want to work around engineering problems to protect the trees; they want to stop development, all development -- period!

I have been meaning to write a letter to the editor reminding them that these same people had the same dire predictions When Home Depot was planning to build its store.

Well Home Depot won, Joshua's Trust lost and guess what?

The swamp is still a swamp, trees and all! Glory be who would have ever figured we could have our store and mosquitoes too!

Now they are crying wolf again. This time they really really mean it.