Monday, April 28, 2008

GOP Rolls out another No Tax Increase Budget

The Democrats in the Connecticut General Assembly were, to listen to their rhetoric, ready to go home and do absolutely nothing on the budget since the revenue picture wasn't as bright as it had been at the beginning of the year. Thankfully, the Republicans there don't seem ready to let that happen.

Just as they did last year to great success, the GOP legislators have introduced another alternative budget which does not raise taxes, and actually cuts the gas tax.

The plan on the gas tax would give a ten cent per gallon Gas Tax Holiday that runs from July 1st until Labor Day Weekend, would, according to their information save us $25 million at the pumps. It would also eliminate the gross receipts tax increase which is planned for July 1st of this year, and would cap the gross receipts tax so that as oil prices go up, the built-in tax does not grow at out-of-control rates along with it.

The plan also eliminates the business entity tax, and cuts rates on the estate tax while phasing it out.

The GOP budget is balanced, streamlines and downsizes the state government with early retirement options, and gives meaningful tax relief.

I guess it isn't a shock that Democrats have said they want to do nothing, call it a day and go home. They have truly done nothing of significance since getting their supermajority status nearly two years ago.

Is this what Connecticut elected its legislators to do? Nothing? Our gas taxes are among the highest, and our overall tax burden is far in a way the greatest per capita of any state in the U.S.

At least there's finally some Republicans in Hartford willing to actually try to do something for us. Last year the Republicans changed the debate, and we got a "No Tax increase" budget. Perhaps that will happen again.


Anonymous said...

I saw this on the news today, great idea. A couple extra bucks in our pockets a month equals a night out, which equates to more patrons at our local restaurants which then helps restaurateurs pay their bills. Don’t count on the Dems to help them out, they just raised the minimum wage and failed to repeal the business entity tax.

Keep in mind though, last year the Dems fought it b/c of the revenue loss. Their tunes may change this year given the fact that they have to suck up to the electorate for their vote this fall.

When the dust settles, the best gas holiday we in Connecticut can look forward to is when that gavel drops at midnight and we don't have to hear one more Democrat speak until January.

liberty_or_death said...

yet they were complacent in passing a piece of legislation that will do more damage to the economy and energy prices in this state.

suck a disconnect in that building. its too bad.

Headless Horseman said...

If they have in fact been sucking on disconnects, someoen should alert Mark Davis.

Nothing is perfect... I mean... a bill to end homelessness? Come on...

But this budget, I'll take, especially if it changes the dynamic of the debate.