Tuesday, April 29, 2008

...and the Pigs Burp.

As expected it took about thirty seconds after House and Senate Republicans in the General Assembly offered an alternative budget to the "do nothing" policy and attitude of legislative Democrats, for the poo poos to fly.

Bob Genuario, Governor Rell's budget director said the proposal offered "phantom" savings. Of course Genuario, fresh after being shot up like Sonny Corleone at the toll booth by his own governor's people over the Rail Yard fiasco, isn't likely to step out of his boundaries unless he wants to get stuffed into a political stump grinder.

And naturally, the swaggering, intellectually deficient governor-wanna-be Speaker James Amann offered this intellectual gem:

"The minority is out of step with their governor, and more importantly taxpayers, who need their representatives to face up to an uncertain economy. They offer a house of cards that would decimate state government, causing our most experienced personnel in critical areas, such as public safety, transportation, and environmental protection to leave."
I love a good political platitude. Why, it's a house of cards built on shifting sand in the perfect storm blah blah blah! Jim Amann unscripted. It amazes me he has time in the day to comment, what with needing to shave six times a day... that guy can grow a beard you could lose a badger in in under eight hours.

Amann is the last person who should critique who is in step or out of step with taxpayers. It was just weeks ago that the Speaker was calling for an increase in the state's gas tax to give us a "world class" transportation system. With a now projected $50 million budget deficit where a $120 million surplus once stood, it is Amann who is not thinking of the taxpayers, only what will happen to the precious state government.

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