Friday, April 18, 2008

Intern Gone Hillbilly

I'm a little late getting in on this act, and it has been all over most other CT political sites, but how could I possibly let this go?

Evidently a legislative intern gave a fascinating performance at the General Assembly this past week, asserting at a forum that 80% of the legislature was corrupt, and that they smoked, drank and had sex in their offices.

CT News Junkie, using the above video from Spazeboy, called the event "Intern Gone Wild." Oh, come on. Something tells me that when college-aged interns "go wild" at the capitol, it probably has more to do with underpants hanging from statuary and piles of vomit in the water fountains than it does with absurd questions at an informational forum.

He did succeed at one thing; he made former Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan look like the puffy pant-load he is. When Sullivan blustered about how he was in intern in 1970, the fine people at the capitol inspired him to get into public service, to which this intern responded "that's what you get from a politician."

Perhaps more interesting is the video below, where this intern sheds his fedora for a cowboy hat.

Yee haw indeed.


mccommas said...

The sad thing is that was right on the money.

I am none the less happy to see someone have the guts to say it on the record!

Yee Ha!

Where are you all moving to?

Texas, Cally, Mass?, NH? Florida? MO?

Headless Horseman said...

Anyone who says Edith Prague is an idol isn't entirely on the money. She may not be drinking and smoking in her office, but she sure lets her little dog shit all over the place. CORRUPT!

mccommas said...

Good point. But he's just a young buck.

He has the excuse of youth.