Monday, April 14, 2008

Amann Blows Up Ethics Bill

This is hardly shocking. Apparently the ethics bill in the Connecticut General Assembly which was alive until last week, and which Democratic Senate President Don Williams announced had the approval of all sorts of people he apparently never asked, was blown up by Speaker Jim Amann.

Wow! Did it not go far enough? Was it not tough enough of an ethics proposal? Did it not meet the high standards that he himself has set as House Speaker? Mua ha ha ha!

No! He blew it up because it had a provision that would have prevented his chief-of-staff, Robert Frankel, from engaging in fundraising activities. Frankel coincidentally happens to be Amann's treasurer for his ill-advised run for Governor.

You can read about it here in the JI.

In other words, if you pass this ethics measure, Frankel can't roam the halls of power vacuuming up political contributions for his boss.

Amann's latest brazen affront to political decency can hardly be a surprise. We all recall how Amann was putting the squeeze on lobbyists at the capitol to contribute to the charity that paid his salary. Frankel was one of the people he dispatched to argue before the Citizens' Ethics Advisory Board nearly a year ago that he should be able to continue the practice.

Democrats are perfectly happy to get red in the face over the chief of staff to the governor, Lisa Moody, participating in fundraising activities. But once again, don't you dare apply the same standard to them.

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