Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moonbat Debate

What do you get when the Democratic Party barfs into its own closed mouth? The Congressional candidacy of Lee Whitnum.

In the inevitable match-up between Republican Chris Shays and Democrat Jim Himes in the 4th Congressional District, Lee Whitnum has made quite the entertaining sideshow.

Democrats are getting annoyed with her, because she is managing to cause a significant distraction from the anticipated general election match up where they hope to unseat the last remaining Republican US House member in New England. Despite the pomposity and over-confidence demonstrated in the leftwing blogosphere, these folks know it is an uphill battle, and this distraction isn't helpful.

Whitnum is a moonbat. When she has been criticized by bloggers, she has sent them emails from fictitious attorneys. Her only real claim to fame is her supposed romantic relationship with Senator John Kerry, over which she bemoans her inability to sell a revealing book.

It has been suggested that Whitnum has no donors, no money, no support, and no chance. yet, she has managed to get her crazy self onto the primary ballot. Could it be that Himes is not so anointed as previously believed?

Whitnum is calling for a debate with Himes. The Himes campaign, clearly attempting to keep her from attaining any credibility has deflected, saying they are considering options for debating Shays in the fall.

I say Himes should accept the debate. If Whitnum is as crazy as we all suppose her to be, that will be evident in the opening ten seconds. Himes really doesn't have anything to lose, and in fact, really ought to debate as she is on the primary ballot.


CT Bob said...

In contrast to many of my friends, I love the spectacle of Whitnum's candidacy, and I think that a debate with her will give me TONS of interesting quotes to put on my blog.

I can't help but sometimes look at politics as sport, with the added bonus that winning or losing has real, demonstrable effects on our lives. And a debate between Himes and Whitnum would be a blast, kind of like being in the Yankees bleachers during a Yankees/Red Sox game; the home team will be whooping it up in the stands!

Arman said...

CTBOB: Politics does indeed have real demonstrable effects on our lives.

Unfortunately for us when those few selfish attention seekers like you make a "sport" out of politics for the sake of your own entertainment we miss out on the opportunity for meaningful debate and loose sight of the issues.

You comment is a testiment to the mindlessness of your blog and videos - nothing of substance only jokes, gags and self-promotion.

While you're whooping it up in the stands I hope the rest of us will try to understand the issues.

CT Bob said...

Wow Arman, take a frickin' pill!

Jesus, I guess humor wouldn't be allowed if you were president. Your first official act would probably be to ban The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Seriously, I use humor on my blog to emphasize my point of view. If you don't like what you see, don't read it. Sorry if I find some irony in the silliness of our political system, but if the alternative is to be a joyless curmudgeon like you, I think I'll stay selfish and have fun!

And I expect you'll criticize the owner of this blog for similar flights of fancy.

Or...are your complaints strictly reserved for Democrats that enjoy humor?

mccommas said...

Shays losing would not be much of a loss.