Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Apple Found Next To Tree...

Senator Chris Dodd has acknowledged today that he was aware of the VIP program he was a part of through his loans with Countrywide Financial Corp.

Yet he contends that he believed he was getting this special treatment because he was a longtime Countrywide customer, not because he was a "friend" of CEO Angelo Mozilo and just happened to be the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Also benefiting from special treatment from Countrywide was Democratic Senator Kent Conrad from North Dakota, who has pledged to donate his financial gains from his deal to charity... a rather quick guilty-conscience move if you ask me.

Dodd continues to contend that he did not seek special treatment, nor did he know he was given this treatment because of the power he wields and where he wields it... namely the Banks Committee.

This is difficult to believe of a man who has made himself a crusader in the area of sub-prime mortgages and protecting the little guy.

We all remember the ignoble details of Dodd's father's abuses that lead to his censure on the Senate floor... perhaps the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.


mccommas said...

This falls under the catagory of "Things That Make Me Go Humm".


Judy Aron said...

Apple? I thought he was a lemon.