Friday, June 6, 2008

Amann Will Eat Horse Meat

Just a few short weeks ago House Speaker Jim Amann regaled us all with his incisive wit in response to GOP proposals to cut the gas tax and eliminate the estate tax by saying the Republicans were "selling horse meat."

Today, Amann will apparently get himself a piece of standard bred steak.

At the center of all this is the GOP efforts since early spring to get a gas tax cut, and at the very least prevent the scheduled increase in the gross receipts tax on gas scheduled July 1st that will raise the price several more cents a gallon. Democrats have scoffed at the idea, ridiculed the proposal, and refused to take the measure up before the regular session expired last month.

Now there will be a special session next week. Democrats initially intended to simply use the session to prevent the sunset of the real estate conveyance tax. But now, with a public outraged over the astounding price of gasoline coupled with the fact that Connecticut residents are now paying the highest gas taxes in the nation, Democrats are changing their tune.

Don Williams had this to say yesterday via a press release that he slapped together:“Families across Connecticut are hurting – and it is only getting worse. Senate Democrats are determined to do what we can to provide some relief. We know that rising fuel prices not only affect the cost of gas, but essentially everything – including food and clothing. While we can’t stop fuel prices from rising, we can prevent tax increases from further driving up the price.”

Is that back-peddling? Yes. My friends at CTLP noted this was a score for the GOP, and to verify that fact, all you have to do is read this wet-pants rant over at My Left Nut Smeg. It's a healthy serving of "horse meat" that Democrats are ready to eat, lest you actually make them accountable in November.


mccommas said...

I have a different take on this.

What the bloody Hell is RINO Rell thinking? I am generally all for cutting taxes but think a bit about the political ramifications here. There are sometimes in politics when you want to lose and this is ONE OF THEM!

Rell is rescuing the Democrat Super Majority! This is a stupid move of hers. She will not be on the ballot this November but plenty Republican challengers will be.

Nanny Rell has saved the Democrats from a key talking point. Once again she has cut her own party off at the knees.

Stupid Stupid Stupid move! She should have let the tax increase go up. Not only is she saving the Democrats, she is letting voters off the hook for their stupid choices last November.

I am not one of these people who think the voters are all knowing. When they screw up, they deserve to be punished with the soaring tax increases they voted for.

Whose side is our Governor really on?

Judy Aron said...

I think Amann is eating something more like crow.. and I think the upcoming elections have the Dems running scared, and they know that if they don't do something for tax relief they will get their collective heads handed to them by some pretty angry voters.

Chris Healy said...

It is comforting to know that Don Williams understands that higher energy costs actually drive the costs of other goods and services. Someone clued him in that gasoline doesn't come out of pump and electricity doesn't come out of a wall.

Judy Aron said...

Chris - Do you think someone also told Don that money doesn't just come out of an ATM machine? The way the Dems spend it you'd think they believe that the bills are mass produced by elves behind the bank wall there (well, I guess technically that's the way it's done at the Federal Reserve)