Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pssst...! The Palin-Bashing Isn't Working!

The leftwing media continues it's moronic, desperate and angry attacks on John McCain's Vice presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin. That was a strategy that worked really well in 1988 against Dan Quayle... forgetting about the person who is actually running for president.

Charles Gibson of ABC interviewed Palin and discussed the issue between Russia and Georgia. Palin said she would favor including Georgia and the Ukraine in NATO. Gibson asked if she favored that even if it meant war with Russia, and she said "perhaps." She then pointed out that the agreement between nations in NATO is that they will defend each other if attacked. She felt that there were diplomatic solutions to the problem, however.

The headline, of course, became "Palin Doesn't Rule out War with Russia."

Now, contrast this with the free pass that Barack Obama got when he took three days of unadulterated stupidity over the Georgia question. When the war between Russia and Georgia broke out, McCain expressed support for Georgia. What did Obama do? First, he acted as though both sides had excellent points, ignoring the naked aggression of Russia. Then he recommended that the UN Security Council take up the problem, apparently unaware that Russia has a seat, and a veto, on the Security Council. Then on the third day, he took the same position John McCain had taken at the outset.

That was the performance of the guy in the ONE slot for the Democrats. The reaction of the media? Silence.

The more they escalate the attacks on Palin, the more voters they are squeezing through their fingers, and out of their hands. And it is a delight to watch them destroy themselves with their own anger and hate.

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mccommas said...

Isn’t it just the most peculiar thing? For example the local rag up here, the Willimantic Chronicle, printed that vulgar cartoon with caricatures of the Governor her very pregnant daughter Bristol. I’m sure you saw it too in your local rag. Bristol is shown haggard off to one corner mumbling “it’s a private affair” while her mother is in the forefront preaching abstinence.

Well that was too much for Richard Jenkins of Colombia. He wrote a very smart letter that took the editor to task taking cheap shot at an underage girl. That must have struck a nerve because the editor put a very lengthy, very churlish “editor’s note” rebutting Jenkins. The editor claimed Bristol was fair game because “Governor Palin advocates “abstinence only police (policy?) of sex education as does the Bush Administration which directs federal funds accordingly”. [They always bring up the Bush Administration every time they can as if that supposed to be some kind of albatross, have you noticed?]

The editor goes on further “Abstinence-only has never worked as a policy and is a failed approach to preventing teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Palin put herself and that abstinence policy on the national stage and that is why the cartoon was published”.

So not only is all teen pregnancy all Bush-Palin’s fault, so are sexually transmitted diseases!

Two letters so far (one of mine) in turn rebutted the editor’s rebuttal. It was pointed out by both of us and the original letter that here in Windham we got an epidemic of teen pregnancy. I said we compare rather unfavorably to Alaska. The other letter pointed out that Bristol’s school doesn’t even have an abstinence-only policy.

No editor’s note appeared after our names even though I dared him to write one.