Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jumpin' on Joe

Connecticut Democrats can't let it go. They have turned their rabid hatred and anger at Joe Lieberman into an obsession. And it is delicious fun to watch! Mua ha ha ha ha!

News Junk has a nice piece on members of the Democratic State Central Committee attempting to censure the Senator. Audrey Blondin, a member of the DSCC apparently authored a laughable resolution that the committee will consider on September 24th.

The resolution, in short, asks Lieberman to resign from the Democratic Party. Well, here we go again! Lieberman has the right to affiliate with the party of his choosing, and here come the big party "bosses" telling him what to do... again.

Lieberman is a waste of time at this point for Connecticut Democrats. The appropriate time to do something about him has long passed. Now Lieberman is just making Connecticut Democrats look like drooling morons, especially when they put on displays like this.

My advice to my friends on the left is to let it go... you have other concerns, like that third presidential election in a row you need to get busy losing. Focus!

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