Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Defending a Connecticut Marine

Meriden native and U.S.M.C. SSG Frank D. Wuterich will begin the process of defending himself as his Article 32 hearing begins at Camp Pendleton, CA this Thursday. SSG Wuterich ia accused of unpremeditated murder in the killing of 24 Iraqis in Haditha, Iraq, after a roadside bomb attack killed a member of his squad.

On November 19, 2005, SSG Wuterich was leading 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon, Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. They were transporting Iraqi army soldiers at a checkpoint in Haditha when his convoy of Humvees was hit by an IED, killing one Marine. The Marines encountered a car full of military aged Iraqi men lingering by the bombing site. Suspecting them of participating in a common multi-tiered attack, the Marines engaged and killed them. The convoy then took fire from a group of houses, and the Marines did a systematic sweep of the enemy, house to house.

Iraqi witnesses tell of a massacre of innocent Iraqi men, women and children, unarmed, and in many instances begging for their lives. The Marines say they followed the rules of engagement in eliminating the enemy, and civilians were an unfortunate part of the casualties that day.

SSG Wuterich and his fellow Marines were defending themselves that day. Civilians die, and that is unfortunate, but that is the nature of war. Wuterich never concealed the fact that civilians died. It is entirely possible that there was misjudgment on the part of the Marines, but evidence has not corroborated the Iaqi version of an intentional, gratuitous massacre of innocent people. That didnt' stop liberal politicians such as John Murtha from exploiting the event and characterizing American soldiers as wanton killers.

SSG Wuterich is a married father of two, and is responsible for paying for his own defense. If you are interested in supporting him, go here: http://www.frankwuterich.com/

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mccommas said...

I was in the Navy and I know the term "Military Justice" is one of confliction. An oxymoron. Military Justice is something that really begs for reform.

The two things just never meet. I hope this case is dealt with more fairly than all the other cases I have seen.

In my 4 years in the Navy I came to know that the trial or hearing or whatever they call it is basically a formality. In all but one single case the accused was found GUILTY.

I don't think he should have been charged with anything in the first place. As far as I am concerned our men’s’ word should be good enough without strong evidence to the contrary.

It’s war God Damn it!

If a Democrat ever gets back into the White House than that’s something they should take up and they will certainly have my full support with that. Delivering justice should not be in the realm of the military. They obviously aren’t good at it. You may be too young to remember that poor man the Navy tried to frame when his battle ship guns blew up. This was the late 80's. The Navy invented a preposterous story about how he and some other kid that died supposedly had this scheme to blow up the ship and kill themselves and all of their buddies with them. The only problem is that what the Navy said happened would not have caused any sort of explosion.

Oh and they were fags too or so said the Navy shark lawyers. As things turned out they did not even know each other. The case eventually, one of the few, was resolved with the Navy dropping the trumped-up charges under considerable political pressure. It dragged on for years. They even apologized after they publicly vowed not to.

I had a feeling the Gipper had something to do with that at the time. I could just see him reading that in the Stars and Stripes and setting it aside and picking up the phone saying "Well! We will just have to see about that!".

Maybe they can just throw the mess (and it is a mess) in the civilian courts. I think that would be best and it would better ensure the rights of the accused. Above all else I don’t think our men in uniform should be punished any more -- or any less -- than your garden variety knife wielding street punks on the outside of service.

Why should they be punished more just because of what their job is? When I was in the service they still punished guys by giving them just bread and water to eat. I hope they have stopped that. Thats cruel. I don’t even think you had to be convicted of anything to get that but I could be wrong. It certainly wasn’t an issue with a good boy like me.

My prayers are with this poor guy. He is going to need them.

I give regularly to a legal defense fund for cops who are accused of defending their lives like Scott Smith a few years ago. They have stepped up and defended some of the military folks accused too. This guy maybe one of them.

If he gets off it’s only because of public pressure. If the media (particulary the New Media which would include HH) wasn't shining a light on the story than this guy would be toast.

Granted of course he would not be up on charges in the first place if it wasn’t for the OLD media as well. Political Correctness in this case could ruin his life and take away his freedom forever.

OK. Enough fun. I have work to do around here -- starting with Lunch!