Wednesday, September 2, 2009

House of Cards

While the arrogance of absolute power was busy writing a new chapter for itself in the Connecticut General Assembly on Monday evening as legislative Democrats rammed home a paycheck-inhaling tax increase, a pair of imbecile House members managed to make national news, further distinguishing our legislature of statesmen and scholars.

Democratic Reps Barbara Lambert of Milford and Jack Hennessy of Bridgeport were caught on film by the Associated Press playing solitaire on their computers during House debate. The dignified moment quickly spread across the Internet.

This small gesture demonstrates what we already know: Democrats are not listening to anyone, they are indifferent to options that don't include taxing the Hell out of us, and they are too classy to be caught playing Mine Sweeper.

Stay tuned for the next session when Hennessy promises to rock out on some Clapton on Guitar Hero during public hearings.

Unfortunately Lambert and Hennessy aren't the only two Jokers in the deck.

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mccommas said...

OH! So you're not dead...

I am afraid that we got precisely the representation we collectively voted for last time around.
Will this be the smack in the back of the head that does the trick?

I would like to think so but Connecticut voters have demonstrated time and time again that they will fall for the class envy tactics of the Democrats every time.

They will never accept that there is a tipping point where rising taxes in not only counterproductive but the poor suffer the most because of lost jobs and opportunities.

The rich can always sell the house in Greenwich and move to Florida. And many are doing just that.