Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Fine for a Big Boy

The State Elections Enforcement Commission slapped state senator and sexual retard Tom Gaffey with a hefty fine this week for having been reimbursed for a number of trips, hotel stays etc. two times... once by the state and once by his political PAC.

The arrangement was nice. He would go on a trip somewhere, make two copies of his receipts, and turn one in to the state and one in to his PAC. He went on vacation and got paid to do it!

Gaffey claimed it was clerical errors. Oh come on.

Gaffey has certainly made himself the darling of the Senate Democrats over the past few years. His affair with a CSU system liaison with whom he orchestrated a $1 billion bonding package to her agency is now the stuff of legend... it is the single largest bonding package passed by the state for a piece of tail.

Who can forget the adolescent awkwardness of their revealed correspondence? She referred to him as her "big boy" and as a "god." He noted that every god has a beautiful goddess at his side. Gag.

And so now Tom Gaffey must forfeit thousands in personal funds in the form of a fine, and must forfeit the thousands in his "GAF PAC," presumably putting a serious hurt on his ability to get laid.

Senate Democrats always refer to John Rowland when they talk about reforming campaign finance. Somehow the media assist in the ruse, ignoring the fact that the former governor didn't commit any campaign finance crimes, and that we was succesfully prosecuted under laws in place at the time. They never point to dimwits like Gaffey or former Democratic Senator Ernie Newton, Democratic Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, or Democratic Representatives Barnaby Horton or Edwin Garcia who all committed campaign-related crimes.

Do we need reform? Sure. That starts with a few less fat bastard Democrats eating all our pie.

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