Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carving It Up

Not surprisingly, legislative Democrats are ready to carve up the new $22 million budget surplus after they did nothing to bail the state out of a deficit this year. Governor Rell joined Democrats in the "do nothing" approach to budgeting during the recent session, but at least she made budget rescisions and cut in areas which evidently produced the surplus.

Democrats are shamelessly now planning to carve up a surplus they had no hand in producing. They can't save a cent but they sure know how to toss money around and blather about how they are supposedly helping people.

The idea now, is that they will join the Governor in providing assistance to a "wide range of individuals and organizations" for heating oil during the coming winter.

Democrats had a chance to help those people during the regular session. They could have lowered state taxes on petrolium products, but they have consistently and obstinately refused to do so again and again, no matter how hard times are, or how high the prices get in this state.

Now, with an election coming up, Democrats have been given some extra cash to blow, and an excuse to pretend they did something meaningful to give relief from the high cost of energy. They really don't want to remind you that they have been sticking it to you on energy all along. And they will trumpet with great pride this November what a damned great job they did.

There is still a $150 million budget deficit for 2009. But by then the election will be over, and the money dries up. Then I guess every elderly person in the state will freeze to death.


Pat H said...

here's the heating aid proposal, according to the NH register.. the heating aid goes to families with children, the elderly and low income households. the basic benefit will be up to $675 for homeowners and renters whose heat is not included in their rent, and MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, up to $270 for renters whose heat IS included in the rent....all I can say, fellow taxpayers, is bend over.

mccommas said...


Thats my favorate too. shazam! What a deal!