Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Go DiNardo! (Who?)

Last week elitist snots from across Connecticut got together for their annual fundraiser and circus of stupidity... the Jefferson Jackson Bailey Dinner.

Nancy DiNardo, Chairman of the Connecticut Democrats who apparently skinned a plastic zebra for her jacket, took the podium in an uninspired heavily scripted rant that she was barely able to drool out of her inarticulate pie hole. Her imbecilic attacks on Governor Rell painfully demonstrate the graphic difference between heads of state and heads of shit.

You may think that this dinner is named for Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and John Bailey. In fact, it is named after the band Jefferson Starship (they built this city!), LaToya Jackson (DiNardo gets her clothes off eBay)and the favored Irish Cream of these rum runners.

This video is painful to watch. It shows why DiNardo is kept out of the public eye. If you are inspired when an actor takes on the role of a retarded character, you should be doubly impressed by this performance by a retard with no character pretending she is an actor.

1 comment:

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

You sure about that name?

I coulda sworn it was the Jefferson Davis Dinner