Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cap Proposal Resurfaces

Governor Jodi Rell is reintroducing her plan to cap property taxes in cities and towns. The plan would require towns and cities to limit increases in property taxes to 3% unless a higher rate is approved in a referendum.

Naturally, mayors like John DeStefano of New Haven and Eddie Perez of Hartford oppose the plan. Increasing property taxes every year is critical to them, and putting up obstacles for them to take their residents money is a major inconvenience.

The legislature doesn't like caps of any kind. That annoying constitutional spending cap has become little more than a flattened speed bump in the path the legislature takes to raise our taxes. This cap is annoying to them too.

All this talk about caps makes me think of a landfill, and perhaps, with the amount of liberal refuse that pollutes our political groundwater from Hartford, the Capitol itself can be considered a landfill.

If the legislature could be compared to a compost heap, and I think it can, Jim Amann is the tallest weed growing out of it.

But I digress. Every year towns and cities get more and more aid. How many of these municipalities actually lower their property taxes as a result? You can count them on one hand.

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mccommas said...

"If the legislature could be compared to a compost heap -- and I think it can -- Jim Amann is the tallest weed growing out of it."

Again I love your way with words.

Spending caps are all about spending reform which would be all the property tax reform any town would need.