Thursday, December 6, 2007

Double Standard

After forming a committee to run Senator Lou DeLuca out of town on a rail for conduct that brought disdain on the State Senate, the chamber's Democratic leader Don Williams has brought disdain upon himself in setting an ugly double standard by refusing to examine the activities of Senator Tom Gaffey and a CSUS liaison in regards to the $1 billion in bonding he helped shepherd through to benefit the CSUS, and his lover.

While the circumstances between the DeLuca issue and the Gaffey issue are very different, they are similar in one important respect; they call into question the integrity of the Senate. Now we know that to Don Williams "ethics" are just another phrase they throw around when trying to ensnare a Republican guilty of wrongdoing, but something they refuse to apply to themselves.

This is what you get with a supermajority. They may not be effective with their massive numbers in the legislature in getting any policies implemented or addressing the concerns of Connecticut residents, but they are damned good at insulating their own from the consequences of their actions.

It may be that Gaffey did nothing literally wrong. But thanks to Don Williams and Senate Democrats, we'll never get the opportunity to make that judgment.


Bob said...

Until we get the right of recall in CT, the governing elite will not get the message.
A few recall close calls would get them back on the straight and narrow and back to working FOR US. Not the girlfriends.

mccommas said...

Of course he did something wrong!

You need a slap for even suggesting the idea he might not have done something wrong. Are you letting yourself get brainwashed?

Gaffy was dishonest. We know that much already. He lied in keeping his affair secret with that lobbyist. He knew he had a conflict of interest and what getting caught would cost him and that’s why he kept his girlfriend’s identity a secret.

This is O.J. Simpson all over again. We got a barking dog, blood on socks and thump on Kato’s air conditioner. What more do we need?

And she is a lobbyist.

And Donny is just as sleazy-dirty as Gaffy for covering it up.

Every time the word "bi-partisan" was mentioned in regard to Williams and the Deluca inquiry I had to squelch the urge to vomit. Williams bipartisan? .

I have never heard anything so patently absurd in my whole life.
I sense one of my infamous letters to the editors coming on!

Quick, someone give me the emails of every newspaper in the state. I don't want to miss any.