Friday, December 21, 2007

#10 Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007

#10 - Chris Dodd's Run for the Presidency.

Back on January 11th of 2007, Our senior Senator Chris Dodd announced his run for the White House on the "Imus in the Morning" show. A few months later Imus was fired from his job, and Dodd had stopped doing his.

Dodd has done everything he can think of trying to make someone give a shit about his candidacy, yet only the Connecticut leftwing blogosphere has maintained a year-long priapism over him.

Dodd has missed over half of his votes in the US Senate since entering the presidential race, moved his family to Iowa and actually enrolled one of his daughters in Iowa public schools in an attempt to properly position himself in the caucuses there. Despite his investment of time and money, Dodd cannot get beyond 1% in Democratic preference polls, being out-polled by Dennis Kucinich, and running neck-and-neck with a number of dead or fictitious people.

Recently, Dodd couldn't even find 5,000 New Yorkers to support him, and he failed to even get on the primary ballot in that state.

Dodd has neglected the office he was elected to embarking on this dream, and he has nothing to show for it but the plaudits of the Connecticut liberal blogosphere. For that reason, I select his campaign for president as the 10th Dumbest Thing Done by Connecticut Democrats in 2007.


mccommas said...

"A few months later Imus was fired from his job, and Dodd had stopped doing his".

LOL I love the way you worded that.

Again I must disagree with you in that I think Dodd not representing us in Washington DC is a GOOD thing....

Headless Horseman said...

No, I agree... it is a good thing. One less liberal in the Senate is always good. But he should be criticized for not showing up to work nonetheless.

Imagine if the whole US Senate stopped going to work... why we'd have... we'd have... freedom!

mccommas said...