Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kevin Sullivan & Another Blowhole to the Left

Finally. A job commensurate with the talents, skills and dignity of former Lt. Governor Kevin Sullivan. The Hartford Business Journal is reporting that Kevin Sullivan will be appointed executive director of the Children's Museum in West Hartford. You can read it here.

The museum caters to children 12 and under. What could better prepare Sullivan for this post than three decades in public service, and rising to the top leadership of Senate Democrats, who are are little more than diaper-loading children themselves?

A quick visit to the Children's Museum Site will tell you all about Conny, the life-size sperm whale replica which sits outside the museum. It notes the many similarities between a real sperm whale and Conny, including; "...like his real world cousins, Conny’s blowhole is a little bit to the left..." Since Sullivan himself is a blowhole to the left, he should fit right in.


Fly to the right said...

Don't forget the space rock between his ears.

The King said...

It's another pathetic political appointment... and pathetic it is. Do you really want that scouling Simon Bar Sinister creep running the children's museum?

And what about his background? Does he know the first thing about science? Does he hold second level education in science or related field? Suing people to death isn't in itself a qualification.

BTW - How did you manage to find a picture of him smiling? Everytime I see him wandering around West Hartford, he looks all pissed off.

Oh well. Chaulk up another victory for the liberal hordes of haides.

mccommas said...

God forbid an out-of-work pol should have to get a real job like everyone else.

What is Jefferson Davis doing these days? Maybe Sullivan can hire Davis on.

Davis like working with kids I hear....