Friday, December 14, 2007

Big Threat in the 32nd

The Waterbury Republican-American was brutal to Senate candidate Ken Curran today, revealing that the man chosen by Democrats to run for Lou DeLuca's vacated seat ironically has a past of threatening people himself.

Says the Republican-American: "But Mr. Curran's claim to fame is his harassment of a Bethlehem Democrat in 2001. The victim, Dan Parlato, only wanted Mr. Curran to apologize for calling him at home in the middle of the night to berate him. 'I hope you're happy we lost the election. It's your fault. I want to meet with you. We'll settle this face-to-face. I'll take care of you.' Mr. Parlato told police that was his fourth disturbing call during that election cycle."

Curran was given 20 hours of community service for his offense.

Lou DeLuca lost his seat in the Senate because he attempted to have someone beaten up. It was never followed through with. Curran himself threatened this Parlato fellow, though never followed through with it. It doesn't matter... it's a disgrace.

Never mind the disgrace that falls on Parlato for not simply kicking the stuffing out of Curran. I mean look at the guy... someone would have to be in poor physical condition indeed to be intimidated by a chubby blogger who has a beard that looks like he put glue on his face and rolled around in lint.


Bob said...

This is what passes for Senatorial Splendor in Connecticut?

Dear God, how low have we sunk?

Headless Horseman said...

To utter the obvious... pretty low.

Although he could be entertaining as a Senator... potentially the kind of guy who gets his ass kicked in bar fights from starting with people bigger than him.

Sounds like his temper flares up like a pack of hemorrhoids, they way he repeatedly called this guy...

Fly to the right said...

Rob Kane's HQ is on the Chase Turnpike in Watertown. If you have any time please help the campaign any way you can to defeat this charachter. If you don't, I'll have Kenny call you up and shout obscenities at you in the middle of the night. After dungeons and dragons of course.....

OCCT said...

you shrink from an engagement, headless....maybe a head isn't all you lack?

mccommas said...

You forget the Donny Williams rule of shifting standards!

He is a liberal Democrat so that makes it OK.

Headless Horseman said...


If you refer to my lack of response on the Priceless Advice for Dodd thread, think again.

If you want to debate the origins and theory of conservatism and liberalism, try a Political Science 101 course. Most of us are beyond the point of figuring out where we fall on the spectrum and why.

I'll give you credit, you're one of the few liberals who has the sack to come in here, but when you do, you should take me on on the subjects I post on, not initiate your own debate club.

So go ahead... challenge me on what I write, and get yerself a flamin' pumpkin.