Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stimulate Me!

Well, it's official. The president signed into law an "economic stiumulus" bill which will send checks to all of us in the amounts of $300 - $1,200.

You'll get yours in the spring, after you file your 2007 tax return. What will you spend it on?

The gambit, I suppose, is that once everyone gets their refund, they will spend it, and that will help the economy. That is, of course, moronic.

I will probably use mine to pay other taxes. If they really want to help us out down in Washington, why don't they reduce our tax rate overall, instead of spending all the money it takes to process, print and mail all these refund checks?


Judy Aron said...

So if you give yourself money (i.e. save) is that called self-stimulation? said...

Sometimes I wonder if it is hopeless.

Most estimates of Hill's and Hus's promises of new spending range in the 300B$+.

I've been reading Hus's 64 page tome on what "change" means, and I believe change means driving more businesses offshore. He will increase regulations on businesses and taxes. How is that going to help America?

He will raise social security taxes, so listen up younglings, your effective tax, (lifetime) will go up to 49% from 40%. Staggering.

The cost to society of the tax code is staggering.