Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Filthy Snail

House Speaker Jim Amann has put us all on notice that he wants this legislative session to drag out. That's no surprise. With ineffective and incompetent leadership at the helm, the legislature shouldn't be going anywhere too fast.

Especially when it comes to some important reforms.

In the Stamford Advocate today, Speaker Amann said "We really need to move at a snail's pace here this session. It's a very unknown economic situation we're going to be in for the next 90 days."

It's convenient when the national economy gives you an excuse, even if the excuse hasn't even materialized yet.

That certainly means that any retroactive tax relief which could have been enacted by the legislature is dead on arrival. Which is interesting because Senate Democrats have said that they want to enact immediate assistance within one month. That's hard to do when you're moving at a snail's pace.

The image of Amann moving at a snail's pace is easy to visualize... dragging his nasty underbelly across the political landscape leaving a vile snot-like smear as he goes. I can only hope this Speaker who would be governor has his political trail end like so many other slugs in the garden... floating in a plate of beer.

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