Monday, February 11, 2008

Ugly Billboards

Late last week, with no fanfare whatsoever, Governor M. Jodi Rell issued an executive order which prohibits the state from entering into new contracts for billboards on state land along state highways. It also prohibits the renewal of any current contracts. It's war against billboards!

Look, I have to confess that I hate billboards, so I'm not really crying about this. Especially since I agree with Governor Rell that this has simply gotten out of hand. I'm all for business and advertising, but I'm also for reduced impact on the landscape from it.

Some of these new digital billboards they have now which intermittently change the image displayed are particularly ludicrous and distracting, and are one step short of actually having full commercials playing 30 feet tall on the roadside.

The way Interstates 91 and 95 were built truly make them ugly enough. A billboard here and there is alright, but it has gotten out of hand.

Of particular note are the billboards for shops to buy sex toys and porn movies at. Now, I know some Republican State Senator blew a head gasket a couple years back because there was a billboard for the Vagina Monologues he had suffered exposure to. (The muppet hasn't been built yet to make that show interesting to me). But this is much different.

While it may be disturbing to be confronted with the clinical name for genitalia written three stories tall as you drive along the road, it's also a bit much to drive by these VIP billboards. Truckers are a lonsesome lot, but I don't think they need a reminder every seven exits of where they can pick up a rubber f**k doll.

So I applaud you Governor Rell. Blow up the billboards!


Bob said...

Is that why the "Play Lotto" billboard in Hartford on I-84 is gone?

But the Lotto message is still good enough for our official state of Connecticut website.

Take a look, our official website has an ad for the CT Lotto. How crass.

Fly to the right said...

They should outlaw the stupid "Welcome to Connecticut" signs on the side of the road as well. Let's face it. We don't like New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts license plates on our highways. We should replace the welcome signs with EZ pass lanes so we can screw them like they screw us when we pass through their states...

Judy Aron said...

Can the state effectively put the billboard companies out of business like that? Gee, next thing you know the billboard companies will be crying for a government bailout and the taxpayer will have to pay them for denying them their free speech rights or something.
And the beat goes on. (BTW - I don't like them much either - they are ugly and distracting)

Headless Horseman said...

I would be in favor of a sign at the border of Massachusetts warning that you are about to enter a communist country. But that's about it.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

>>I would be in favor of a sign at the border of Massachusetts warning that you are about to enter a communist country.

Yeah - but which way should the sign face?

Headless Horseman said...

both ways. Mua ha ha ha ha!

liberty_or_death said...

Lady Bird Rell and her beautification ideas will show businesses out there that are thinking about coming to CT, "Don't Come, we will do everything possible to inhibit your ability to do business here."

"Want to advertise your new store; Put up an billboard in New York... Maybe the prospective customer will drive an hour to your place."

This is what prevents businesses from looking to CT as somewhere to go.

CtRoadrunner said...

I remember this sometime ago.

Proposed S.B. No. 506 SEN. MCKINNEY, 28th DIST.; SEN. ANISKOVICH, 12th DIST. 'AN ACT PROHIBITING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL ON HIGHWAY BILLBOARDS', to prohibit the display of sexually explicit material on billboards or other outdoor advertisements visible from public highways.