Monday, February 25, 2008

Hillary's Low

Well, Hillary is definitely tanking, and now there is this photo business. Apparently some Clinton staffers have circulated this photo of Barack Obama in this interesting garb.

The photo isn't very interesting. Polticians visiting different locales often dress in the native fashion. Sometimes it is absurd. Look at those ridiculous shirts Bush wears whenever he is in Asia. Obama was evidently on a trip to Kenya in this photo.

The interesting thing is what this says about the Clinton campaign, and the level of desperation it has devolved into.

Is the suggestion here a renewal of assertions that Obama has Muslim origins? To the untrained eye, the garb certainly appears potentially Arabic or Muslim.

Regardless. this would not be the first time a politician looked ridiculous in a costume. I'd give money to see Ted Kennedy's Tyrannosaurus Sex costume.


Judy Aron said...

Well, the witch outfit is definitely apropos!

Headless Horseman said...

Yes. Hillary's religion scares me more than Obama's ever will. ;-)

mccommas said...
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mccommas said...

Actually I think Hillary has a point.

I don't think the Obamas are shining examples of Americans. Look at what she said recently "This is the first time in my adult life I am proud to be an American."

I came away with the idea that her love for country was contigent on her husband getting the highest honor you can get in a democracy.

Love that is conditional is not love. That’s prostitution..

She, and nor he, never apologized or claimed she mis-spoke.

That, and this photo, is telling.

Like Reagan said “Don't be afraid to see what you see".