Thursday, February 28, 2008

Underpants in the Wind

Last year the Democrats in the state legislature wanted to tax your underpants. This year they are adamant about your God-given right to hang your underpants outside, to inflate on the wind and awe your neighbors.

The Courant reports this morning that the legislature's Energy Committee is having a hearing today on a bill that would give all of us the right to hang our clothes outside to dry, even if we live in an apartment or condominium. It is supported by Rep. Steve Fonatana (D-North Stoning-haven), the same genius that is one half of the team that brought us the anti-bullhook bill last year.
Says Fontana: "Having the freedom to dry [on a clothesline] helps save money and contributes to the safety of the planet."

The safety of the planet. I see. Underpants on a clothesline makes the world safer. Perhaps increasing the number of our clotheslines will somehow confound suicide attacks of Al Qaeda. Perhaps large underpants on a clothesline can snag incoming meteorites. Safer?

People of North Haven, you should be required to explain why you keep sending this dim bulb back to the legislature every two years.

Now, I see that the reason that they think this bill has energy implications, and is therefore before the energy committee, is because if Connecticut residents band together and abandon the use of a clothes dryer, energy consumption will decrease, albeit nominally.

I would have thought a gentle man like Steve Fontana would have found some sort of deeper appreciation for the Snuggle fabric softener bear. Guess not. But what is clear is that Democrats like Fontana enjoy this kind of junk legislation, pretending to take significant action on a serious issue, while completely failing to adopt any proper energy cost relief for residents of Connecticut.
Remember last year after all of our energy bills jumped to new heights, and the Democrats promised us they would enact quick relief for us? How's that working out? Anyone paying less than the did last year? Mua ha ha ha ha! You have to be kidding me.
If the best Democrats like Steve Fontana can offer us for energy relief is a bill giving us the right not to use clothes dryers, I'd say he's all wet. Like his underpants.

5 comments: said...

This is why we need a professional legislature.

It's hobbyist time at the state capitol.

We are getting what we pay for.

Pay peanuts and you get clowns.

Judy Aron said...

Leave it to the nanny state to tell us where to hang our knickers.

I don't think it's about a professional legislature and how much they are being paid though. I think some of these legislators are just avoiding some of the more difficult issues and clogging up the session with this type of "stuff". said...

Either way, its time for the circus to move on.

While Rome burned......

mccommas said...

Peanuts? Please! They are paid 30 thousand bucks for 3 or 4 months of work.

-- If you can call what they do work that is.

* * *

"Democrats like Fontana enjoy this kind of junk legislation, pretending to take significant action on a serious issue, while completely failing to adopt any proper energy cost relief for residents of Connecticut".

This is an increasing trend. Some big issue comes along and they pass some insignificant law like this to make themselves feel better when in fact they have done virtually nothing.

This is just like when Franklyn Mushrooms left Franklyn. Our senator, Don Williams, came up with the stupendous idea of giving them fuel cells.

Yeah. That’s the answer. If they only had those fuel cells (whatever the hell they are) than no way they would have abandoned Connecticut's high taxes and lousy roads for a state like Pennsylvania.

Headless Horseman said...

All too true. They introduce these little trinket measures, pretending they are making a difference with problems that we have that are actually caused by the policies they enact.

They are either too arrogant to believe they cause them, or indifferent.