Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lifting the Cloak(ing Device)

It's certainly ho secret that Joe Lieberman gets under the skin of the left at times. U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro of the 3rd District (Romulan Command)has now called for Lieberman's recall, which fascinates because U.S. Senators cannot be recalled.

DeLauro is quoted thusly in Politico:“No individual should hold health care hostage, including Joe Lieberman, and I’ll say it flat out, I think he ought to be recalled.”

Lieberman, of course, has angered them because he had the temerity to take the position that he would join the GOP in filibustering the God-awful healthcare bill if it contained a public option or if those aged 55 to 64 were allowed to buy into Medicare.

Other Connecticut Congressmen have tried to figure out why Lieberman would do this, and what his agenda might be. It couldn't possibly be that he just knows it's bad policy! Medicare is already broke and they want to weigh it down by adding to it?

Joe Lieberman has taken this stance because he believes it's the right course of action. I do note that I did not see anyone in our delegation get their ire up when Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana exchanged her vote for $300 million in aid to her state. I guess holding out is fine as long as your convictions have a price.

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