Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Belch Heard 'Round the World

Obese liberal gadfly and propaganda vendor Michael Moore has WEIGHED in on the initial Romulan salvo fired at Senator Joe Lieberman by Rep. Rosa DeLauro who suggested Lieberman should be recalled.

Moore apparently took time out from flicking lint out from under his sweaty man-tits to Tweet direct his fat rage at the state of Connecticut for having elected Lieberman who now holds up the healthcare bill in the Senate.

Moore demanded in his Tweet that Connecticut recall Lieberman or he will initiate a boycott on our humble little state, claiming he holds Connecticut residents responsible for Lieberman's actions.

One must assume that Connecticut does not produce any of the Twinkies, sausages, pies or donuts that likely round out his healthy diet, lest his svelt figure might be in jeopardy with such a call to action.

DeLauro was too stupid to realize that, first of all, Connecticut has no recall laws, and secondly, no United States Congressman or Senatoir can be recalled by their state - it is not provided for in the US Constitution.

Reality is never an obstacle for liberals. Moore made a handful of anti-Connecticut Tweets where he threatens the boycott unless we do something aboutLieberman. He then acknowledges in a subsequent Tweet that CT and NO STATE can recall a Senator. He then renews his threat to boycott CT again if we don't do something about Joe.

As Dean Wormer said in Animal House: "Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son." Moore also threatens "After 18 months of Sarah Palin, ever hear anybody say 'Boy, I can't wait to spend time in Alaska'? Connecticut- you listenin'?" As if anyone ever said that before Sarah Palin. And who the Hell is saying that about Connecticut now? Connecticut is the road between New York and Boston. What's our big attraction? Mystic Seaport? The Colt dome? Retarded.

Well bring on the boycott Moore! None of your adherents have money to buy anything anyway. Connecticut should boycott Moore and send him the message that he should go f@*k his fat self.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Now if you had paid attention to Chairman Healy when he told us to get ourselves into the New Media you might have caught my timely "tweeted" reply to the fat slob.

@A_C_R @MMFlint Mich. recall Michael Moore or we'll boycott your state! Moore, do the world a favor & run the hoover hose in from the exhaust.

mccommas said...

People are already boycotting Connecticut because of our high taxes.

Thanks Denise Merrill!

'Soak the rich' and drown the poor!