Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bartlett Pinched

Yet another Democrat in the state legislature has been up to mischief with a motor vehicle. This time it's Representative Jason Bartlett of the 2nd House District.

He was apparently arrested Tuesday morning, and has been charged with driving while using a cellphone without a hands-free device, driving with a suspended license and without a registration.

This particular tale does not involve a drunken woman freezing to death like last winter's tragic tale involving Democrat Rep. James O'Rourke. But it does go to show once again the habit Democrats are in of making laws for other people that they believe themselves to be above.

Naturally, Bartlett voted for a budget last session that increased DMV fees. Maybe who would have been more careful about the vote if he actually paid the fees.
I am also wondering why Bartlett's license was suspended, and why the cause of this suspension doesn't seem to have made news anywhere prior to this arrest.

I think the people of his district deserve better than this... are there any other laws that the legislture has made that Bartlett feels are optional because of hoiw incredibly special and important he is? Politicians like this are colostomy bags hanging from the political process.


Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

Good heavens!

A striped tie with a striped shirt?

Once he's gotten his current legal problems taken care of I hope the Fashion Police have a word or two with him too.

mccommas said...

Someone call the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

We have serious grade-A FASHION-DON'T here.

Pluuu-lesse tell me he didn't have pin striped pants!

If this dude was a Republican, the Hartford Courant would have been all over his ass when his license was yanked.

Do you ever wonder what else you don't know because the local media in in bed with the Democrats?

Remember Windham High Sheriff Tom White was accused of embezzling?

Well last year he ran for state representative and guess what the Willimantic Chronicle forgot to mention?

If you had just moved in you would never known we was even elected to the post -- or what happened after.

Well the folks in the Democrat primary apparently remembered despite the Chronicle's forgetfulness and Susan Johnson cleaned his clock.

Headless Horseman said...

True, I am dizzy from the patten clashes.

He was likely told that stripes are slimming. With his figure, he had a reason to overdo it.

Authentic Connecticut Republican said...

"Someone call the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!"

Given the individual in question, shouldn't that be;
"Someone call the Straight Eye for the Queer Guy!"?