Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Caligiuri in the Fifth

Sometimes the facts are raw and the truth just is what it is. State Senator Sam Caligiuri, who is an excellent candidate for virtually anything, has totally stalled out in his race for the U.S. Senate. He is overshadowed by former Congressman Rob Simmons and the millions that Linda McMahon has been dumping into the race even at this early stage.

Justin Bernier, who is a veteran and used to work for Simmons, has been campaigning for the nomination in the Fifth District, currently held by Chris Murphy, who, after all these years, still looks like a twelve year old going to work in his dad's ill-fitting suit. And then something happened.

The Connecticut Republicans took the unusual step of releasing information that there had been urgings by top officials to get Senator Sam to switch gears and jump into the race against Murphy instead.

Bernier, understandably, was upset by the party meddling. However, like I said, facts are facts. Bernier was never likely to get the steam up to beat incumbent Chris Murphy. Caligiuri on the other hand may have a shot. Did the party meddle? Well, if you call trying to ensure Republicans have the best candidates in each race heading into 2010 "meddling" so be it. It's the kind of meddling that occurs when a friend tries to keep you from drinking gasoline.

Caligiuri should run in the Fifth. And he has stated that he will decide soon if he will do so. If Justin Bernier wants the gold he can prove himself by beating Caligiuri. If he can't do that, he could never beat Murphy.


Campbell said...

Caligiuri's social conservatism / FIC poster child antics won't play well in the 5th. Murphy will crush him.

Headless Horseman said...

Oh, I think he has a better chance than that... and so do you if you're honest with yourself.

mccommas said...

My Scumball Alarm freaks out whenever Murphy opens his mouth.

He has to go.

Campbell said...

Oh, I'll take someone who's been busting his butt for the past 8 months and has raised $125,000 versus someone who is inserting himself into this race as a consolation prize.