Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once More Into the Buzz Saw, My Friends!

The only thing bigger than Ralph Nader's ego is his delusion of significance. But whenever his political sideshow tent pulls into view and he begins unpacking its crates of unmitigated bullshit, I have to smile.

Whatever race Ralph gets himself into, he always helps thin out the liberal vote. A perennial candidate for president, the Green Party has now suggested that they would welcome his run for U.S. Senate.

Yes, even the ultra-left smell Dodd's blood in the water, and this is where the delicious rift can help- most of the far left are Dodd apologists who have lashed themselves to his sinking garbage scowl, or they publicly wring their hands with damp eyes over whether they will have to vote for Merrick Alpert because Dodd hasn't moved to surrender in Afghanistan or mandated free shit for everyone fast enough.

Nader has never been dissuaded by inconvenient realities. His candidacy combined with Merrick Alpert's would assure that a white man with dreadlocks and body odor now has a choice in this race!

The Greens want to nominate him. Excellent! Welcome back Ralph. Oh how I've missed you.


mccommas said...

Is he a carpet bagger to boot? I never knew him to be a CT resident.

Headless Horseman said...

He answers a higher calling. He must go where his delusions direct him... he is like the wind. And his news breaks like it.