Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Day After

Anyone looking for a state-wide trend or for signs of an overall partisan mandate didn't get that yesterday if they are being honest with themselves.

Yesterday's municipal elections proved the adage that all politics are local, providing a mixed bag of results for Republicans and Democrats across Connecticut. There were predictable victories on both sides such as Finch in Bridgeport, DeStefano in New Haven, and Stewart in New Britain.

There were surprising upsets for both parties as well... such as Joe Maturo's apparent loss in East Haven (very close and a recount is anticipated), and Republican Jason McCoy' victory in Vernon.

All in all, as should be expected, these elections turned on local issues and local personalities. And the table has now been set for the 2008 elections, the presidency, US Senate & House, and of course, our Connecticut General Assembly. That fight starts today.


road said...

Looks like young Republicans finally have a bench.

It will definitely be an interesting 2008.

mccommas said...

Jason McCoy was running? I was not aware.

I have met him. He's a nice bright guy.