Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Porky Pigs

I do love the police. And most of them keep in top physical condition. But let's face it... a few of them, like those in every other profession, have let themselves go.

In the area of law enforcement, being obese and out of shape puts lives in danger... the life of the overweight officer, his or her partners, as well as the lives of members of the public they are charged to protect.

Some members of the New Haven Police Department that have morphed into tubs of flatulent donut batter have embarked on a new program, as reported in the New Haven Register, to shed some pounds.

The Police Department recognizes the seriousness of having overweight cops. From the Register:

"Police officers are under both mental and physical stress on a regular basis and need to be on top of their game around the clock," said police Chief Francisco Ortiz Jr. "We are finding more and more of our officers needing to restore the good physical condition they were in when they were hired."

I applaud the effort of anyone to get in shape and take charge of their health, not to mention their appearance. So good luck to the hefty members of the New Haven Police. And stay off Wooster Street.

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