Monday, November 5, 2007

Secretary Sledgehammer

Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz will be holding a ceremony in Hartford's Bushnell Park this afternoon to celebrate the disposal of the old lever voting machines.

On the eve of Election Day 2007, she plans to personally take a sledgehammer to one or more of these iron beasts. Thankfully some public works folks will be lending a hand, to save the beast a slow dying, and to keep everyone attending from standing there three hours to watch the complete demolition.

I have mixed feelings about the disposal of the old machines. I was rather fond of them, and Connecticut seemed to have very little problem with them. In fact, most of the errors or difficulties that Connecticut experienced with them were the result of retarded Registrars of Voters accidentally leaving names or lines off of the ballot on one or more machines.

But following the large number of stupid old people in Florida who accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan in the 2000 election on a system that wasn't even remotely like the one employed in Connecticut, Ms. Bysiewicz seized the opportunity to spend millions fixing something not broken.

And so, Democrats take another hammer to one of our tried and true institutions...


Judy Aron said...

Yes - it does seem eerie, and somewhat nauseating, that our Secretary of State would take a sledgehammer to something representing democracy - dontcha think?

Headless Horseman said...

yeah, and the old ones worked when it rained outside...

mccommas said...

I dislike that person.

I really really don't like her and I like most people.

mccommas said...

You know what? I was not going to say it but now I think that I will.

Sometimes you can be to polite.

So here it goes. I think State Susan Bysiewicz is a fucking BITCH!

I mean a real prize winning asshole. I would say so to her face.

sigh. I feel so much better now.

Am I a bad person?