Friday, November 30, 2007

Let it Go

Chris Caruso needs to let it go. Normally, if I was asking Chris Caruso to "let it go," you can be certain I'd be getting out of the room plugging my nose, hoping he didn't get any on me. But in this instance, it is his absurd attempt to sue his way into the office of mayor of Bridgeport that he needs to let go.

Yesterday a Superior Court judge threw out his lawsuit seeking to prevent the certification of the results of the November election in Bridgeport in which Mayor-elect Bill Finch was victorious. Caruso sought to prevent the swearing in of Finch until the State Supreme Court reviews his other law suit alleging voter irregularities in the September 11th primary between he and Finch for the Democratic nomination.

There is a point after political loss that even the most stubborn must come to recognize the futility of their efforts, no matter how badly they want a public office, or feel entitled to it because they are so special. Chris Caruso does not have the capacity to recognize that point.

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mccommas said...

Let it go.

I have my mask on....