Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Caruso & Finch: Can't Let Go

Connecticut's 'Biggest Loser' Chris Caruso continues to also be the state's sorest loser. He has now asked the Superior Court to put the results of the Bridgeport mayoral election on hold until the Supreme Court hears his case claiming "voting irregularities" should invalidate the September Democratic primary.

The only thing "irregular" to Caruso is that he lost. Guess what? Sometimes that happens in politics.

Caruso's blind lust for the mayor's seat has carried him into disgraceful territory. Endlessly throwing legal tantrums and attempting to grind Bridgeport's government to a halt so he can fulfill his ambitions is shameful, but for a man who clearly knows no shame, the significance is not likely recognized.

Caruso isn't the only prominent Bridgeport politician to be desperately grasping for power. Newly-elected mayor Bill Finch does not intend to give up his state Senate seat despite pressure from local leaders to do so. Some leading state Democrats are apparently in fear of losing this seat in a special election, and losing the "supermajority" they have in the Senate in the process.

It is true that with parts of Trumbull and Monroe, this seat could go Republican. It was held by Republican Lee Scarpetti for many years before Finch defeated her.

If Chris Caruso aspires to be more than an annoying GAE chair and pompous windbag, he'll need to learn humility and the virtue of giving up when you lose. If Finch wants to be a brilliant executive and possibly become governor one day... well... he'll need a brain transplant.

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