Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Chris Murphy: Helping Illegals, Screwing the Elderly

If you ask me, Connecticut doesn't have a shadier character in government than Connecticut's 5th District Congressman Chris Murphy. There is a "say anything, do anything" lacquer to his political polish. Decent people leave his company feeling they need a tomato juice bath to get the skunk stink off. Indecent people leave his company with a feeling of affirmation.

He still doesn't even look like a Congressman to me. He looks like a twelve-year-old boy going to work in one of his dad's suits. I have written about this punk before here, and then over at CTLP here and here. And he's still just as slick as an oily diaper.

Case in point: New York Governor Elliot Spitzer's plan to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses met with some very serious resistance, causing Spitzer to back-peddle for now. Last week the NRCC was bold enough to point out that when asked about giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses, Chris Murphy dodged the question saying he hadn't had time to review it. Then he came out in firm opposition to the plan according to the November 8th New York Times.

That's all well and good. Unfortunately he voted to keep Connecticut from banning illegal immigrants from receiving drivers licenses in our state three times while he was in the state Senate. He obviously wants it both ways.

Then there's the recently exposed Haven Healthcare scandal. Chris Murphy spoke in today's Hartford Courant, boldy saying:"It appears that both state and federal regulators have failed to ensure that the … nursing homes owned and operated by Haven comply with state and federal law," Murphy said. "This is unacceptable."

Unacceptable. Hmmm. Well, what apparently IS acceptable to Murphy is money from these Haven bastards. He accepted $12,000 from three of their executives during his last campaign for Congress, and $2,500 from them when he last ran for state Senate.

Go ahead Chris... do your wiggly weiner routine and get out of this one. I know it will be entertaining.

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