Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Murphy in the Crosshairs

Congressman Chris Murphy might be the sort of soft-on-terror wimp who would rather see Osama bin Laden served a warrant, and held in a five star French hotel with complimentary prayer rugs while he awaits trial at the Hague than see him and his yak-powered dialysis machine blown to smithereens... but he has earned the wrath of some of the rabid left who are equally deluded and crazy. And by deluded and crazy, I am naturally talking about the leftwing blogging community which makes their filthy nests at places like MoveOn.org and MyLeftNutSmeg.

You see, Chris Murphy voted in favor of a resolution condemning MoveOn.org for an ad making a brainless attack on General David Petraeus. The House voted 341-79 to condemn "in the strongest possible terms the personal attacks made by the advocacy group MoveOn.org impugning the integrity and professionalism" of the general.

My goodness! Quite a slap from a Democratic-controlled Congress desperate to appear pro-troops while doing everything they can to undermine their success in Iraq.

Murphy quoted in the Connecticut Post: "I can't be part of a process where people are called names in order to make a point- especially when that name-calling suggests one of our military leaders is a traitor."

This doesn't sit well with the leftwing blogging community at all! The pages of MyLeftNutSmeg foamed over the fact that Murphy "doesn't want the support of DFHs anymore." They are particularly resentful that Murphy received $502,997.60 from MoveOn.org, making him the number one recipient of MoveOn.org dollars of all House Democrat freshmen.

Where does a Connecticut online lefty turn for some loyalty? No fear! You still have Chris Dodd, the only member of the Connecticut delegation to vote against condemning MoveOn.org.

These folks think they can make Dodd president. And so they may! But right now he's tied with me in Democratic preference polls, and I'm not even running.

In the meantime, Murphy should be cautious. These online lefties never forget a slight. The last thing they are ever able to do is "move on."


Clint said...


If you are tied with Dodd in the polls, don't you think it's time you got off your horse's butt and started running?!!!

Perhaps YOU could be the next recipient of Move On's $$$

You might have to get the support of 'heavy hitters' on CTLP like Caffinated Fat Chunk and TrueChubby first...

Your footing the bill on trip to Wendy's ought to do it.

Judy Aron said...

hey - I thought I was tied in the polls with Dodd (er.. Dudd)

Headless Horseman said...

Clint, I don't dig the personal attack on CGG. She is my colleague at CTLP and has always shown me great courtesy despite the serious chasm between our viewpoints.

As for "TrueChubby"... I won't defend him. He lives by personal attacks over at CTLP so he's just going to have to endure them when he gets them back :-)