Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The $2 Million Delay

Finally, almost five months after the close of the 2007 legislative session, the Connecticut General Assembly has given our great state a bonding bill.

Today the measure passed both the House and Senate passed the measure which was some $200 million less than the bonding bill the Governor M. Jodi Rell vetoed last month, and included $2 million to help municipalities recover losses from the cost of having had to take out loans to cover the school construction money they never received.

In other words, Jim Amann and Don Williams desperate effort to pass out largesse to the districts of rank-and-file legislators cost you and I $2 million.

Once again Republican legislators and the Governor prevented an arrogant "Supermajority" from running up the state credit card.

Also, notably supporting this new bonding package is Senator Joan Hartley, who Senator Williams threatened to relieve of her staff and parking space if she didn't help Democrats override the Governor's veto of the previous bonding bill. Hartley objected to elements of the package concerning a 10-year obligation to the CSU system, and her concerns appear to have been addressed in the new package.

Presumably, she still has staff and a parking space, so Williams can add empty threats to the laundry list of shameful items that are uniquely his in this affair.

Governor Rell has indicated that she will sign this one.

Afterward, Senator Williams was quoted by the Courant as saying "By moving this forward today, we can all be proud that we are meeting critical needs." As if no one was paying attention to the fact that he and his party wanted to loot the process for their districts, and held schools hostage to get what they wanted.

That's not leadership, and it's definitely nothing to be proud of.


mccommas said...

Don Williams’ career is nothing to be proud of.

Headless Horseman said...

Which career? His political one, or the less-than-honorable film career that his thin mustache suggests...?

mccommas said...

Is the figure 200 million or 400 million?

Rell wrote a great op-ed this week and she said she saved close to 400 million and the package was only held up for five weeks.

Is she refering to interest perhaps?

The newspaper ran another op-ed by the boob that represents me in the House. He looked really foolish compared to her.

I did not vote for Rell but 200 or 400 I am damn proud of her on this one. She did OK.

I just wish she acted this way on more issues.