Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Temper, Temper!!

Local politics is usually the worst. The back-biting, bizarre alliances and political machinations are usually nastier than on any other level of politics. The candidates are usually prone to stranger behavior as well.

For instance, over in Wallingford, the New Haven Register reports that Democrat candidate for mayor James Vumbaco is accused of threatening. Allegedly he prodded a teenage volunteer for an independent candidate vigorously in the chest with his index finger, swearing at the young man, because he was distributing campaign literature in his condo complex. The kid called him a "Nazi" whereupon Vumbaco is said to have bumped chests with the teen saying "Why don't you say that to my face." The incident is under investigation by police.

Look, it is entirely possible and even probable that the teen contributed to the altercation. By his own admission he called Vumaco a "Nazi." However, as a candidate, and at the very least as an adult, one should not descend to getting into sandbox fights with e teenager because he's passing out campaign literature. It sounds like Vumbaco blew a head pipe, and this makes him look unstable. I mean, if you can't handle a kid passing out literature in your neighborhood, how are you really going to handle the town's business? When something stressful happens, are you going to punch walls or chest-butt municipal employee union reps?

This isn't to say that politicians on the state level aren't irritable or irrational. I still laugh when I think about teacher and Senator Gary LeBeau (D-East Hartford) getting locked in the crapper on a field trip bus by students, and losing his temper and grabbing a student's collar in anger.

Some people need to get a grip on themselves. Then they can let go of the kids that piss them off.


Dave Colavecchio said...

He's right - I do want to beat him up - mentally. HH's you've outdone your usually outstanding self. I've been laughing all afternoon.

Headless Horseman said...

Thanks Dave, glad to have you reading!