Thursday, October 11, 2007

Water Shortage! We Need More Bloggers.

Is your crapper leaky? The state hasn't had much rain lately, and Governor Rell issued a drought advisory on Friday and called on state agencies to halt unnecessary water use. Her press release contains advice on a leaky can:

The problem has grown more severe since last week, and as usual, post-adolescent idealist college students are going to save us.

Over at UConn, the EcoHusky group wants leaky faucets reported, and the dormitories are having water conservation competitions. From today's Courant:

"Student say they are taking shorter showers, not letting the water run, turning off dripping faucets and using paper plates to help conserve water, as officials watch water levels drop from lack of significant rain. Dining Services has been asked to use paper products at breakfast and lunch to cut back on the amount of water used by dishwashers."

Whoa! Hold on. I am all for the shorter shower thing... in fact, I'm encouraged when environmentalists take showers at all. But paper products? So now they are killing more trees to save water? What a crisis of conscience this must be. How do they sleep?

If these kids really cared about the world, they wouldn't be driving that Honda their parents gave them, wouldn't bathe at all, would eat without utensils or plates, and wear no clothes. They would also help ease housing needs by living in their parents' basement, and help the job market by remaining unemployed until they are in their 40's.

That's right. Couple that with an urge to preach to the world about how noble they are, and you have a newly minted left-wing blogger.


Judy Aron said...

Gee HH, what a great idea! They could have a "who could use the least resources" competition, and that's great because it just leaves more stuff for the rest of us!

Headless Horseman said...

Well, it's raining out now, so these guys can stop grinding up the rainforest and do us a favor and scrub their pits.

mccommas said...

At work we have these cute tolits that supposedly use less water but I have to flush at least three times to make sure nothing gets clogged and nothng remains for the next user.

So tell me how does this save water over the old Johns that I only had to flush once?

Headless Horseman said...

Liberals don't flush, Mccommas.