Monday, October 1, 2007

Power to the Puppy!

Many new laws go into effect on October 1st. Among those taking effect today is An Act Concerning the Protection of Pets in Domestic Violence Cases, which allows judges to issue protective orders on behalf of pets. Now, I am very fond of animals, but when a PETA spokesperson says "We think this is a great law. We are excited," I am immediately suspicious.

I am absolutely in favor of enacting laws that enforce humane treatment of animals. I find animal abuse detestable. But I think these laws go too far when they actually give animals standing in a court of law. This new law allows pets to be listed as "protected persons" in a court order.

Today's Courant has some of the back-story on this new law, and talks about a case where a dog was kicked in a domestic incident. Frankly, I think people who are capable of violence against defenseless animals are generally depraved, and their heartlessness enables them to commit serious crimes against human beings. That's why we have animal cruelty laws.

Pets are property. They aren't persons. PETA fanatics generally don't understand this. In fact, these folks usually put animals ahead of people, preferring lab rats be freed over getting human life-saving tests done on them to advance cures for diseases.

I believe in humane treatment of animals. I don't believe in animal "rights." The preamble to the Constitution does not say "We the Animals of the United States..."

Maybe I'm thinking about this too much, but giving pets standing in court as "persons" could pave the way for Canine-Americans to vote fifty years from now. Liberals love this. Giving a beast with a brain the size of a cashew the right to vote will double the number of registered Democrats. Power to the Puppy, Right On!

Dempsey, Christine. "Law Gives Teeth to Pet Protection." Hartford Courant. October 1, 2007.


Clint said...

Damn you HH!

You are one insensitive SOB.

My dog has rights, specifically the right to vote.

I won't say whether she votes in Waterbury or Bridgeport (or both) but you can bet she does!

Absentee of course....

mccommas said...

I know someone who had to go to court order anger management courses and there was a guy there for giving his dog a kick.

One kick.

Headless Horseman said...


I know your dog votes in Waterbury. He would have to also be dead to vote in Bridgeport ;-)

Probably a registered Democrat and a primary voter too.