Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Harp Wants Assistance for Illegal Aliens

Today's New Haven Register reports that Senator Toni Harp is hoping to get heating assistance for known illegal aliens, and include such funding in home heating assistance programs.

"I think our real goal is to ensure that no one freezes," Harp said.

Most of these "undocumented" illegals come from south of the border. It's pretty warm down there. If they stayed, they wouldn't freeze. How's that for a "No one freezes" policy.

Harp is proposing using state dollars to knowingly provide assistance to those who are here illegally. Uh... isn't that against federal law? How do you feel about having your state tax dollars being used to help illegals stay here?


Judy Aron said...

LOL - That Phil Collins is such a racist.. Where is the ACLU and Yale Lawyers condemning that video??? LOL

Great post HH! Enjoyed the music!

Headless Horseman said...

Ha! Good point Judy! Genesis... what a bunch on insensitive monsters...

TrueBlueCT said...

How do I feel?

I feel pretty good about a Christian like Toni Harp who wants to be certain no one freezes during a New England winter.

Where's your Christianity?

I agree with you that we need immigration reform. Big time. But since George Bush hasn't wanted to deport all 13 million, I do feel we, as a country, have a responsibility towards the least fortunate among us.

Headless Horseman said...

True blue,

Thanks for the thoughts.

My Christianity is intact, thanks.
I don't want anyone to freeze just as you don't. However, I don't want CT jeopardizing $40 million in federal heating aid to CT citizens because it is breaking the law on who it doles it out to.

There are other options for illegals. Such as deportation to a sunny climate.

Judy Aron said...

We as a country have a responsibility towards our own citizens, NOT people who are here illegally.

If they don't want to freeze in cold New England weather then they can leave.

It has nothing to do with Christian charity - and all to do with enabling illegal activity to continue.

If you want to do the "charitable thing" TrueBlue then why don't you personally pay for their heating bills and healthcare, college tuition and everything else - take them into your own home for all I care - I have enough with paying for my own, as well as paying huge taxes to pay for all the liberal social programs that our budgets are already hemorrhaging from. I say enough already.

It's not charity TrueBlue - it's making people dependent on the state - the very state and country whose laws they do not respect. Unfortunately you mistake charity for enabling dependence. Why should they follow the laws if you allow them not to do so?

Oh and don't lay this on George Bush's door please, we have an entire Congress who has been ineffective in dealing with this issue.. going back to the Democrat administrations as well. This problem didn't just happen in the Bush administration. Problem is people like you have allowed it to happen by enabling this type of behavior in the first place.