Sunday, October 7, 2007

Don't Make Me Puke.

I haven't wanted to throw up this much since I found out Sean Connery wouldn't be in Indiana Jones IV, but Jim Amann would. Yet to read the words of Don Williams and Martin Looney again in the Courant today concerning Governor Rell's veto of their bond package certainly does cause the bile to rise to the top of one's neck.

The geniuses speak:"The governor does not share the priorities of the people of Connecticut who want improvements in transportation, clean water, flood control, public safety and affordable housing."

Naturally, in their minds, not supporting their massive $3.2 billion bonding package means you want roads to fall apart and bridges to collapse, filthy polluted water, floods to claim homes, and for housing costs to skyrocket. Who are they talking to? Nobody believes this B.S.

Senator Joan Hartley continues to be the holdout on overriding Governor Rell's veto. According to today's Courant, she wants language in the bond package removed that commits the state to $1 billion to the CSU System without any accountability. That's an admirable position to be taking. And apparently the slickest man in the Senate, Don Williams, hasn't been able to talk her out of it.

So, the Democrats are continuing to fight to keep their pet projects. To them, that's more important than the "transportation, clean water, flood control, public safety and affordable housing" they preach about.

If Hartley breaks down and votes with her party on an override, Governor Rell will still be able to stop the extra spending. The State Bond Commission which she chairs must approve those items to actually fund them. But Democrats would love to put her in the position of having to say 'no' to the individual special projects that Democrats don't have the political will or desire to decline.


Pazniokas, Mark. "Rell Shoots Down Bond Package." Hartford Courant. October 7, 2007.

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Oh poo. Its ONLY money after all Thurston...