Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Congratulations Johnny Fabs!

Bridgeport's outgoing mayor John Fabrizi won't have to worry about what to do for work once his term ends December 1st. He will get a $117,331 a year job with the Bridgeport Board of Education. You can buy a lot of cocaine with that kind of money.

I had actually thought he might consider going into rap music under the moniker "Notorious P.I.G." but apparently that won't be happening.

It's not like Fabs is without experience for his new role. He used to teach, and in fairness did spend 25 years with the school district prior to becoming mayor. His new job will be similar to the one he held before, as the new assistant director of alternative/adult education and dropout prevention. Makes you wonder what kind of money the actual director makes.

Apparently Harding and Bassick High Schools are considered "dropout factories" according to THIS ARTICLE in the Connecticut Post, where over 60% of incoming freshmen never graduate.

Bridgeport is a toilet. I know I'm not revealing any state secretas when I say that. And it isn't because of the people who live and work there. It's because of this city constantly being used by corrupt Democrats to line their pockets with taxpayer money, and hand out plum jobs like the one Fabrizi just landed.

In one year from now, let's take a look at Bridgeport's drop-out rate. Will it improve? If it doesn't will they fire Fabrizi?

Electing morons like Bill Finch to top posts only means nothing will change in Bridgeport. Fabrizi's selection for this job demonstrates that rather clearly.


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One must pay for one's blow, some how!